Always think on God

I shared this devotion a while ago, but I really really really really like it.  I encourage you and invite you to try praying this way:

A morning devotion by John Wesley

John Wesley would get up very early in the morning to assure time for examination and devotions and would go to sleep only after an evening examination and devotion.
Here is a sample that I invite you to use today:


1.  Was God my last thought before sleeping and my first thought upon waking?

2.  What tasks and encounters will I face today, and how may I prepare myself to bring honor and pleasure to God in them?


1.  Read Philippians 2:3-11

2.  Thank God for all the blessings given to you.  Pray for God’s help in all the situations you are facing.

MORNING PRAYER:  Dear Jesus give me the mind that was in you.  Put in my heart that spirit of meekness and humility that you showed as you served the poor and the outcast and as you poured yourself out for others.  Keep me this day from seeking praise and affirmation from people; keep me from longing to be thought of as somebody in terms of the empty toys of the world.  Make it my whole and single desire to be somebody in your eyes.



1.  Have I done anything today without considering how it might advance God’s purposes, whether in small or large ways?

2.  Have I been quick and eager to do what good I could do this day?

3.  Have I sought God’s purposes in all my interactions with other people today?


1.  Read Romans 15:1-3

2.  Confess the day’s sins and shortcomings, receiving God’s forgiveness and love.

3.  Read Psalm 51:1-17

EVENING PRAYER:  The Lord’s Prayer.