Armor of God

Yesterday we shared that in our lives we need the armor of God.  But what does that mean?  How do we wear such a thing in this world?  Obviously it is not a chainlink suit that protects us.  It is not a literal shield or knight’s helmet.

Putting on the armor today can mean many things.

1.  Surround yourself and your loved ones in prayer.  Did you open the day in prayer?  Will you stop and pray duiring the day?  Will you end in prayer?  Prayer is not a magical potion that does your bidding but it connects you to the source that provides comfort, love, peace and joy even when the things around you fail you.

2.  Surround yourselves with people who love you.  None of us love perfectly but the more people you have in your life that can love you unconditionally the stronger you will be.  Disciples are asked to be in community for such a reason as this.

3.  Be more generous. The more you give, the less the stresses of the world can influence you.  When you give more of your time, money, effort and love, it changes your priorities.  The stresses of the world are often caught up in finances, material things or selfish needs.  When you change your priorities to a more giving nature, you quickly find that these things have less control over you.

4.  Struggle with the issues of faith.  Yesterday I was called by a group that was studying the Old testament and they were really struggling with some issues concerning violence and war in the OT.  While we talked about some ways to reconcile the Old Testaement and Jesus, the real value to each of those participants was the questioning and willingness to engage the Word of God.  Sometimes that leaves some dents in our armor, but overall when we struggle and engage issues of faith we come out stronger.

5.  Finally stop and listen.  One of the greatest ways to be stronger in this world is to stop and listen.  The things around us are coming faster and louder.  Technology changes overnight.  In seconds a killer can kill 50 and wound 500.  Fires can blow through an area in seconds wiping out everything in its path.  Our calendars are full from sun up to sun down and then even well into the night.  We are becoming more reactionary, quick to respond and to judge and sometimes that is a good thing, but too often our failure to find the silence causes us more harm.  God is speaking but the world tries to be louder.  Listen for God, listen for direction, find calm in the eye of the storm

There are other ways to wear the “armor” of God, but if you do not put them on, you will not receive their benefits.