Daily Devotion

His hands were pierced, his feet were pierced, they pierced his side and the thorns on his head pierced his skull.  The betrayal of the disciples and friends and his feeling of the very abandonment of God pierced his very heart and soul.  As we enter into Holy Week, let us consider just for a moment that each of these piercings, designed to hurt and produce pain and eventually death were taking willingly for one who wants us to be pierced as well.  As we nail the cross on Good Friday and remember the pain of our Savior, it is not our flesh that Jesus wants pierced, it is our unbelieving heart.  Many of us go through the motions of our faith or are scared to dive as deeply as we are able.  During Lent, as the nails penetrate the flesh of Christ may our hearts be pierced by His love.  Sometimes this love is felt so deeply that it is painful.  It is painful because we realize how much we do against the will of God.  It is painful because we realize how much we have missed by being a surface-level Christian.  It is painful because we look back with regret to those things we have done or have not done which causes pain to others.  However, we also live in the hope that while the things that pierced Christ would kill, He would overcome and rise again.  While it may hurt to journey towards that deeper love, when we do we realize how we are once again renewed and the joy begins.

It is Tuesday, but Sunday’s comin’!!!!!