Daily Devotions – See the Injustice, See the Beauty

My child, give me your heart,
    and let your eyes observe my ways. – Proverbs 23:26

Our eyes are very complex.  They weigh, on average only 7 or 8 grams but are full of intricate and incredible machinery.  There are light sensitive rods and cones, lenses, fibers, muscles, chambers and so much more.  An eye can detect slight movement or can witness the vast mountain ranges and beautiful sunsets.  Eyes can also witness the tragedies of shootings, hurricanes and other sources of pain.

Our Spiritual eyesight does the same.  When we witness the beauty of a gorgeous snowfall our spiritual eyes give God glory for creation.  When we see the newborn baby open her eyes for the first time, our spiritual eyes sees God in the midst.

When we see injustice or oppression in the world, our spiritual eyes call us to action.

As Christians do not just see with your eyes, open your Spiritual eyes as well and give God the glory for all that is good and seek to correct all that is bad and evil.

“Open my eyes for just one second, open my eyes so I can see, everything that I keep missing, give me your love for humanity.”