Do the Impossible

Jesus did the impossible.  He overcame sin and death and came back after being crucified.  He empowered others to do the impossible.  He brought in tax collectors, prostitutes and simple fishermen to turn the world upside down.

St. Francis of Assisi once wrote, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

As we continue to seek to become the person we are created to be, we must start in our faith journey by doing what is necessary.  Study Scriptures, get in a small group, pray, be generous, do random acts of mercy, love others and stay in love with God.  As you do this, you will begin the journey of faith.  As you look back to where you were, you will find how far you have actually travelled.  I love when people who actively seek faith realize how quickly they can journey into the depths of the love of Christ simply by doing what is asked.  But the journey to what we thought was impossible only becomes possible when we take the risks Christ asks of us.  Each of us has a different comfort zone.  I have been thrilled to know that there are many of you who are doing that this Lent.  One family has been in church EVERY single week.  They made the commitment to do that and it is paying off.  They normally attend very infrequently.  Others have served and volunteered in places that normally makes them feel uncomfortable.  One person said on Sunday that she is going to volunteer as a liturgist even though she hates speaking in front of people.  She just asked for a passage with easy words.

Take a risk and become more than who you thought you were and more of who God knows you are.  Let the light of Christ shine in you and you will find the journey takes you to what you once thought was impossible.