Invite Someone Into Your Home

One of the most important things to do as a disciple is to invite someone to a relationship with Jesus.  However for most of us, we confuse that with simply inviting them to church.  For many, if not most people, who do not already attend a church, that can be a very difficult thing.  Churches can be scary places, or intimidating.  They also can bring up some bad memories for people or they just do not know what to expect.  Here is a tip to extend your discipleship and help our church grow new disciples (which we need to do).

Before you invite someone to your church, invite them into your home.  In “Why You Should Never Invite people to Your Church….Until You’ve Invited them to Your Home” Israel Steinmetz makes this important point.  “You know what’s awkward?  Going to a new church.  You know what’s worse?  Going to a new church when you’re not already friends with someone who goes there.”  Inviting people to church is easy for us, but hard for them.  Inviting them to our home is harder for us but easier for them.

Enjoy a cookout with some new people in the neighborhood and when you have begun to build a relationship, let them know that you attend a church and if they are ever looking, you would love to invite them to your church.  Then meet them out for coffee ahead of time and walk in the front door with them.  Introduce them and show them around.  If your church is like ours, it has bathrooms that take a GPS to find.  The more comfortable they feel the more likely they will be back.  Also, make sure you introduce them to the pastor.  That is proven to be an important step for people.  Finally, make sure you tell your pastor ahead of time that you have friends coming, this might allow for her/him to seek them out before you introduce them.  That will make a big impression.

Now is a good time to bring someone to church.  Easter is a season when many people are seeking to re-engage with faith.  Why not invite them to your church?