Sacred Space

Moses, when he encountered God on the mountain through the bush that burned without being burned up, was told to take off his shoes because he was standing on holy ground.  The ground itself was nothing special and probably was pretty ordinary at best.  However, God made it holy by God’s very presence.  It became a sacred space for Moses as he communicated with his Creator.  Holy week reminds us that God comes incarnate into the world and in so doing, creates sacred space by His very presence.  We do not need a place on a mountain with a burning bush to understand it as holy.  God’s presence in Jesus Christ tells us that we must make every space, every relationship and every moment sacred.  I suppose that means we can no longer wear shoes!

While we are to look at the world as sacred, it is still a good and righteous practice to carve out space that has an even bigger understanding of sacred for you.   Do you have a room where you always do your prayers or devotionals?  Do you have a place that when you enter, you immediately feel the peace of Christ?  Do you have a chair that is your sacred prayer chair and when you sit in it, you are flooded with the memories of time with God?

This week find a sacred space for just you but also treat the world and those in it as sacred as well!