I remember when I lived in LaCrosse, Wisconsin there was a man, who many thought was crazy at first, who stood on the corner and waved and smiled at everyone who drove by or walked by.  Eventually he had to sit but I recall that he did this for years.   A news station asked why he did it and he simply said because he wanted to make people happy.  People who were interviewed shared how it brightened their day.  Some said that at first they thought it was a bit strange and that he had an agenda but after driving by many times, the smiles and waves became contagious.  Maybe kindness and peace starts with a smile and a wave.


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The great thing about gratitude is that you can’t keep it to yourself. You have to find a way—a person—a strategy to express your thanks. Rather than seeking more for yourself, you live for others—which is exactly what God wants!

Robert Hansel
The Gospel of Thanks-living
Tip to Try                                                                              

Think of someone whom you’ll see today. Make an intention to have eye contact and smile.